we ran away to maui

Publicado el 26 jun 2021
my boyfriend surprised me with a little TRIP! i had no clue what was going on but it was so so fun.

posting photos on instagram from the trip this week!

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i'll see ya monday!
much love


  • “I just saw an airbnb message”👀😗 ME LMAO

  • I love how you laugh so much in your videos! Let’s make laughter a trend!!! I truly feel warm inside when I hear you laugh! Laughter is the best medicine for the soul!! Keep doing you girl!!!

  • The laughing and giggling an screaming honestly was a day maker tbh. Hannah just has one of those laughs that are contagious.

  • is that dean wearing a shirt?

  • omg we went to road to hana and i had to pee on the side of the roads toooo i’m glad i’m not alone on that…

  • omg luv this

  • you can genuinely see how in love they are!!🥰

  • Loving your content and videos Hannah 💓


  • what i would GIVE to swim in warm water

  • Help I can’t stop watching your videos

  • what film camera do you use?

  • this guy LOVES his girlfriend

  • i love them, i really hope they can make long distance work when hannah leaves hawaii


  • The road to Hana is so much better to just drive all the way to Hana and then turn around and come back down the same way and hit everything that way so you have more time and you miss a lot of the traffic. I highly suggest you don’t do the whole loop because the back way is so dangerous and most rental car places even turos won’t let you

  • i just left maui three days ago :( the road to hana was amazing but def scary

  • Damn dean owns shirts??? And wears them too???

    • Jk as soon as I unpaused after writing this man was shirtless

  • I really love Hannah’s tan on her

  • This is kind of like driving through the mountains of East TN, where I grew up, crazy 😜, but for a much longer drive. I totally felt the anxiety 😟.

  • she looks so happy🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • I crave this lifestyle

  • The view is insane 😱😍😍

  • Okkkk booty goals in those disposable camera pics

  • You and Dean's relationship is so pure

  • I’ve literally binge watched all her Hawaii videos

  • ive been in maui multiple times and ive been to thses places!!

  • I miss your Michigan life

  • What sort of disposable do you use

  • OMG!!! what is the name of that beach ?

  • I have done the road to hana!!! even went to the same restaurant hahaha. We rented a jeep!!! FOR SURE rent a jeep if you plan on going around the whole island!!!!

  • aw her blue nails

  • are you still going to do the budgeting video

  • hannah is glowing with happiness, we love to see it


  • The fact that I was just at the tentalows

  • I have done road to Hana, the road there is very dangerous. There was a lot of cars when i was there, the drive is very long but kind of worth it. But it was soooo pretty going up but down was scary!!

  • i’m so happy for you

  • ive been to every single place in this video hey

  • down the hatch is so good

  • The road to Hana is so scary!! Definitely drive with a small car and go clockwise around the island so you’re not on the cliff side 😅

  • GOD loves you!!!

  • the cows in maui are so cute idky

  • your tiktok is hacked!!!

  • okay but why do they look like parents going on their honeymoon

  • great video (-:

  • Teared up at this pure love. This was an awesome vlog.

  • FINALLY a video that’s like your old vlogs and not with vlogs cutting to people talking like it’s a reality show, these are sooo much better and flow better

  • Hannah, you’re glowing. Dean, so sweet. The fact that he wants to surprise you is one thing, but WANTING TO DO WHAT YOUR GRANDPARENTS DID…I’M DEAD. TOO CUTE, and I’m so happy for y’all.

  • Hannah this is amazing!

  • I used to live in Hana, now on O'ahu so I went into town a lot having to drive the "Road to Hana" each way and it's not as bad if you're comfortable driving sketchy roads but definitely better to just go with tour buses who are locals and know the road. The back side (if you continue to follow the road to the west side around the island) is much more dangerous as in road conditions and longer one way paths. Unless you're pretty comfortable driving i'd play it safe in just going back through the Road to Hana- if you choose to do on your own. Just a lil more info about it to the fellow commenters... Beautiful camping views & photos of you two

  • I’ve never been in love but i know that’s what it is feels like 🥺🥺 you can see it in your eyes ❤️

  • Watching Hannah progress from her ex.......... MAJOR GLOW UP #teamdannah

  • omg these roads were crazy i feel u

  • i love you hannah!!🤍🌊

  • the best couple omg🥺🥺❤️

  • Relationship goals! 🙌🏻❤️

  • Your videos are amazing. I just started making videos so if anyone wants to check em out I really would appreciate it❤️

  • Those roads would give me major anxiety but it would be SO worth it!!


  • bro i did the EXACT same things u did when we went to maui

  • I hope y’all stay together even after hawaii

  • why does it seem like she’s complaining the whole time :(

  • Omg I peed on the side of the road when I went too LMFAOO even though you totally didn’t ask 😭😭

  • omg i love the road to hana. when we were driving it a car got stuck in the oncoming lane and there were like 15 cars backed up behind us and behind them and they had to back up right against the cliff. i agree the stress is a lot and it's a really long trip but the stops are so beautiful

  • you guys are so cute

  • dean: yeah ..... yeah .... yeah

  • Why are the people honking? I was assuming it was those using the roads as an everyday thing

  • this is absolutely goals

  • Such a good vid

  • i did the road to hana with my family last Wednesday and we went all the around too! super scary lol

  • I went to that same beach yesterday!

  • kinda weird how no one talks about how she got together with him within months of her ex...yikes

  • you look stunning hannah!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you 😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  • that clip of dean with the chicken will NEVER die.

  • Just was on Maui two weeks ago and did the Road to Hana and it was beautiful!!


  • Omg I love your vids

  • Dean seems like he genuinely cares for Hannah and the other way around! He seems so good for her and understands her job and doesn’t mind being on camera. And the fact he took her to camp on an Island like her grandparents 🥰😍

  • Is that Lahaina?

  • That is the sweetest thing! They're so happy!!

  • Wait but like you can tell they genuinely love eachother- their future kids will be watching this video


  • i did road to hana !

  • obsessed with this couplr

  • the video of dean being attacked by a chicken will never stop being funny

  • I couldn’t help but laugh when you were saying the cows were cute! :)

  • Dean getting chased by chickens never gets old 😭😂

  • imagine them showing their kids these pictures and telling all the stories

  • I love her new BF!!! ❤️❤️

  • All I can say is her life bruhhhhh😭❤❤❤ and dean😭❤❤❤ she's sooo luckyyyyyyyyy and her hardwork paid off💯

  • I’m so happy with u😝

  • They are the cutest couple ever omg

  • The look so F**KING HAPPY. I really do love Dannah

  • this was entertaining

  • u guys r the sweetest ever

  • 6:41 dean in the background just yawning hahahah

  • what was the last beach called ?

  • You two are so happy together! Your energies seem so aligned❤️

  • Her boyfriend with glasses on look like the serial killer on lucifer that ella dated. His smile looks like him 😌