vlogging my morning for you

Publicado el 2 ago 2021
not your typical morning is RIGHT! i decided to vlog my morning and show you what i've been up to in new jersey at deans house... i don't do all this stuff every day at all but for some reason we had so much to do this morning and a fun of fun! BTW.... yes i reunited with ellie and YES the hamptons vlogs are coming so soon! If you wanna catch more up to date check out my instagram :)

instagram: hannahmeloche

here's the supergoop SPF i was using!
non spons but i legit love it

i know i'll get questions so i'm linking the black fit here now hehehe
Black nike skirt: shop-links.co/174736984113487...
Black nike tank: shop-links.co/174736988022479...

thank you for watching and supporting me through it all
it means the world
make today amazing
i love you


  • „These are like the Twins..Jack and Reeve“😂😂 so mean😂

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  • I don’t know about you but Hannah‘s boyfriend seems a bit aggressive and bossy and like mocking her in a bad way. I don’t think they are a good fit

  • dean is very wrong crocs and birkenstocks are so cute

  • Dean is just so funny for no reason😂😂

  • Okay but you’re not REALLY bad at tennis I think part of it was the shots you were having to receive, would of been better if the shots to you were controlled for starting off with little experience ahahah

  • the way dean said coco chanel, hahahahah i'm dead

  • does anyone know where the fruit loops sweatshirt is from?

  • “the white one pisses me off” 😂😂😂

  • City slickers like Hannah with animals is hysterical to watch😆

  • Where’s the alpaca farm at? I’m in central jersey and it doesn’t look very far from me :)

  • when dean said "paradise on earth" I instantly thought of outer banks haha

  • The ugly book booly concern because care essentially battle midst a flippant scallion. one, anxious night

  • u guys w the animals was so precious and unreasonably hilarious 😆 love u guys!

  • literally will forever be my fav ESmainr, love you so much! dean kills me and your laugh cracks me up omg! “Coco Chanel!!!”

  • dean saying paradise on earth was sooo john b

  • Pretty flowers

  • 👍

  • Dean popping off about how everyone thinks crocs are cool now when everyone used to say they were ugly 😂


  • “the white one pisses me off” same honestly hahaha

  • your vlogs have always made me smile so much!! I actually just uploaded a vlog about my trip to italy to the lake with my friends so if you want check it out :)

  • you’re so happy around Dean :’)

  • “dean already took his shirt off” = hannah covering for the fact that dean does not own a shirt thank you very much

  • i love ur vlogs hannah🥰🥰

  • i’ll never stop obsessing over dannah😭❤️

  • Please get the platform crocs 😂

  • You have to go to rook coffee while in jersey

  • dean getting you flowers 🥺

  • once you get the platform crocs you NEVER go back

  • i just wanted to say that seeing u with acne and still doing everyday things and not let it get in the way of ur happiness is just so amazing. you and i have similar acne so it makes me feel more confident in myself and not let it get in the way of my everyday life 💞 love it so much you are setting a great example UR AMAZING 💗

  • i love how genuine and real hannah is!!!!🤍

  • Girl your videos makes me want to get up and be productive with my day I want to be successful like you I love you



  • she is so beautiful 🥺😩 hannah inspires me so so much

  • I honestly love your blogs so much, Hannah! You and dean are so sweet and lovely! ❤️❤️

  • why does hannah sound so unexcited in her outro haha

  • Is dean still a trump supporter ?

  • hello

  • 2:46 dean knows what up 👌🏻

  • morneen HAHAHHA

  • Just ordered my Sadie x starlite sets all 4 of them

  • *please bring back the round globe gold necklace on starlight* i’ve been looking for one and i really love it!!! it’s been out of stock for a while and i’m afraid you aren’t making anymore 😔 i think it really encompasses what i love

  • Camo crocs are a Dean mood

  • Dean is so funny omg

  • the alpaca part killed me

  • platform crocs>>>

  • dean, normal crocs are cool!!

  • Dean is so funny

  • loving the vlogss.. keep em comin 🥰

  • My daughter Jessica follows you. We were just in the Hamptons.... We own a club in Virginia Beach... Cape Henry Racquet Club AKA Cummings Athletics at The Cape... You are invited to Virginia Beach as our guest and we will make you a tennis champion :)

  • Girl blue hydrangeas are my fav. GO DEAN

  • lol idk how to play tennis either

  • Why do alpacas poop 100% like dogs though? 😂

  • Life sucks all we do is eat sleep work shit make babies and repeat

  • platform crocs are a wave I love mine

  • AP at the end! Excited for more NJ vlogs. I’m waiting for the cute Delicious Orchards/picnic vlog.

  • Ur acne was getting bettteerrrr and now it’s getting worse again 😭 I know tht shit hurts lmao

  • ok but why was a straight laughing out loud throughout the goat and alpaca content...lmaoooooo

  • the necklaces😍

  • Hey just wondering because i wanna order the the nike set and we have similar body type which size did u order urs? The skirt especially Thank u💜

  • dean hyping you up at tennis was so cute

  • Why does dean lo-key give me John b energy

  • is she continuing university this year ?


  • Does anyone know where she got the Froot Loops shirt?

  • dean does happiness to hannah

  • omg made my day keep it up hannah

  • God loves gou

  • It’s soooo weird that she’s in my hometown lol

  • Dean=John B

  • DEAN IS SO FUNNY i was laughing with the animals

  • They remind me of vlad and Val (John b and sarah) from outer banks

  • When the alpacas come out BAHHAHAHAH

  • plssss try the caramel from oak hill farms. I can't describe it its just so fire

  • I thought your bf is John B

  • Why he gotta make us look bad - her bf

  • Oh my gosh when I tell you I was dying laughing from the alpaca clip 😭🤣

  • "coco Chanel" HAHAH not Dean literally becoming friends with anyone

  • This vlog was so cute

  • u will forever be my comfort youtuber fr

  • "This would be my morning routine, if I had my shit together" I literally say this to myself while watching morning routine videos😂

  • Olivia jade also talked about that glow screen so I got it and I love it

  • He got u flowers in the morning ???? Girl he’s a keeper ♥️

  • Hannah ca u please make your vlogs longer, I can’t get enough :’)

  • platform crocks

  • I can't wait for the vlogs with ellie!!!!

  • i love how dean is trying to make you more confident and care less about what people think he's so nice omg

    • like a boyfriend that can do stupid shit in public with you and be embarassing together is cute

  • Jacob

  • i hope you don’t take this offensive at all but the best thing that helped my acne was spotless from Rodan & Fields!!

  • when dean said “paradise on earth” he sounded just like john b

  • my new boyfriend expectation: a dean.

  • love how u guys randomly went to see alpacas haha iconic

  • i love you guys so much!! the way he hypes you up makes me smile :)) and im so glad for you both !! you seem so happy

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  • needed this

  • I love how Dean hypes her up for everything

  • anyone know the name of the sneakers she bought? i LOVE them

  • dean cracks me up