Publicado el 24 may 2021
THE CREW TAKES ON KAUAI! here's day 1 of my friends and i visiting kauai! we decided to turn it into a little reality show to make it more fun but we legit couldn't come up with a better name then "THE CREW" so please let us know if you have any better ideas!

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  • 16:25 that dap was crispyyy

  • These people should be treated like centipedes.. If you see them tell them to get the f**c out!!

  • this is such a stereotypical depiction of white republicans glamorising Hawaii while failing to acknowledge or even respect its culture. pls grow up bro

  • the type of friend group i want kinda miss truckie and jack tho

  • Could’ve just put the centipede outside

  • I can't belive he cut the bug- ON A WOODEN CUTTING BOARD. That stuff seeps into the wood!!! EWWWW

  • For everyone freaking out about the bug, Born and raised Kauai, centipedes are no joke and an invasive bug that although they may not have a lethal bite to humans, are venomous and can cause extreme pain and illness. They also destroy to native ecosystem and crops. They are built like tanks and truly the only way to kill one is decapitation or the garbage disposal. I do agree that the footage shouldn't have been included in the video, and the dude killing was kinda freaky, they are doing the Aina a solid.

  • some parts of this vlog were so disrespectful towards Hawaii culture like the part of the bug. rispect the nature and the animals is so important especially if you are a visitor

  • Does anyone know where her blue one piece swim suit is from?🥰

  • Aye! I’m in Kauai! From Buffalo! This popped up on my recommended vids 🥰🥰

  • unsubscribing for that vile and unnecessary centipede killing such disgusting behaviour

  • Love Kauai!! As living in Oahu, I can say Kauai is very nice and peaceful.

  • where are hannahs white sweat shorts from?????

  • wait are hannah and dean dating

  • Where’s Lexis introoo?!?

  • it’s a BUG lmfao chill


  • Do you and Ava still hang out? How come she’s never in your videos or hanging out with your friends, no hate I’m just generally curious xx

    • they do but live on different islands and she’s said that Ava has her family and bf so can’t see each other all the time

  • Andre is one of the most attractive people I’ve ever seen

  • Y’all need to adopt me

  • This lifestyle literally makes me depressed because I can’t have it

  • This friend group is the dream

  • Y’all are the best looking friend group ever

  • killing the centerpiece and posting it is inappropriate...

  • Who are those guys in the cover picture of the video??

  • where is that tank top from? 2:02

  • Who’s in the thumbnail? Except for Hannah ofc💁🏻‍♀️

  • LMFOAOAOAO r u guys seriously that sensitive??! It’s a fucking bug who gives a shit omg. No way y’all r this pressed over a centipede. U guys make me laugh

  • Why are y’all so upset about a centipede?💀

  • Best video ever OMG

  • merediths last name is good?!?! that fits her SO WELL

  • lmk why I laughed out loud at the baby chicken

  • ahh you were my comfort youtuber but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore idk but it was so unnecessary to kill that centipede like that and also dean… babes it’s not that hard to wear a mask properly but he’s a trumpie what do we expect


  • “according to christian you need to slice it up with a pizza cutter” uncomfy is an understatement

  • literally dream life

  • wait who's hannah dating again? i can't remember names for my life.

  • watching him chop up that centipede was absolutely horrible and in no way funny. its not that hard to just put the bug outside

  • Someone has gotta count how many times they say “like” in this video

  • Christian representing Long Island out here👏🏻👏🏻

  • where is the green tank from

  • Does anyone know where Hannah’s green one piece is from!!?

  • Jesus Christ I don’t wanna see ppl cut up animals with a pizza cutter 😳

  • The fact that none of you guys are from Hawai’i...

  • I think everyone’s being dramatic that guy shouldn’t have done that or he should have given a reason why like are they poisonous or something? But I do think the comments are a bit dramatic about how “gruesome” it was lol.

  • That was sooo cruel of you killing that little guy. You should have just released it outside....I mean come on, people are talking and raising awareness regarding animal rights and animal cruelty all around the world. I can not believe that people still enjoy harming animals, insects, birds. It is just horrible...

  • Not Hannah talking unscientific shit about sunscreen that doesn’t damage coral reefs but celebrating cutting up bugs

  • I feel like I’m watching bachelor Paradise

  • I feel like I’m every video there are more random people that we have never seen with no explanation. I think I you need to do a video about who all these random men are and why the heck they are all in Hawaii...

    • Damn its almost as if people already lived in hawaii before hannah....

  • Little bit sadistic

  • wait what happened to truckie??? i love the vlog 💕

  • why dont they just put the insect outside

  • Dean is really not cute and seems to be a try hard


  • bruh shes litterly living her best life right now like no cap im so jealous.

  • What a fucking show for attention and unnecessary. That guy cutting a centipede with a pizza cutter in an come on.

  • Y’all act like a bunch of damn middle schoolers

  • This reality show act is so embarrassing

  • If you wouldn't do that to a puppy, why do it to a centerpide? Honestly, disgusting

  • ya'll are really being sensitive over a bug.... okay

  • You know what they say about people who love torturing animals... A lot of times it's a gateway to something else... 👀

  • I feel like Hannah and lex had a falling out

  • I'd hate to be the guy that actually owns that property. That pizza cutter and cutting board really didn't need the bug juice.

  • Poor bug, could've lived but some idiot decided to cut it instead of taking it outside

  • alexa, play jealousy jealousy by olivia rodrigo...

  • Where are your sweat shorts from????

  • no way dean is 6’7

  • Enjoyed this video until the ending…..

  • Hannah is literally living the dream life id do ANYTHING to be her rn

  • quality viddddd!!!!

  • The one with the curly long blonde hair is hot😃😱

  • I like your videos in general but that "centipede" part made me so sad. They could have just put it outside. It was disgusting and cruel. A person who can do this to an animal so easily is probably not at the best mental state:((

  • This is the 3rd time I’m commenting this🥲 does anyone know who is in the thumbnai1?

  • I know I’m not the only one but I literally liked the other one ....if you know you know I’m not going to say anything else a

  • I’m not gonna lie I kinda don’t like the formal side interviews like the first ones where the just introduced themselves were cute but later on it felt like a reality tv show :/ but the montage in the beginning was the most gorgeous thing ever.


  • I’m from Long Island ny too lol

  • why would u all just stand there and watch him cut up a centipede that is so disturbing.

  • Dude dean and Hannah saying babe is so cute

  • Do a how u edit videos vid

  • next time don't kill bugs)

  • the look of excitement and joy on christian's face about slicing a harmless bug.... weird as fuck honestly. Dean was right just put it outside??

  • did trucky and lexi just disappear? 😭

  • hey hannah love ya

  • I think Hannah isn’t really to blame for killing the bug, but still y’all could’ve brought it outside 🌺

  • Wait...but actually who are those 2 guys in the thumbnail lol. I’m confused🤔

  • i need me an andre

  • so are we just not gonna talk about how fine Andre is?

  • yeah hannah slicing up a centipede while it's still alive is cruel, try handling the situation better next time by placing the insect outside like a mature young adult, this goes for the whole group :)

  • Christian killing the centipede is the funniest thing ever

  • why not just put the buggie outside 🥺

  • hannah i loved this video so much until the end. i rlly wish u guys had jus put the centipede outside. it was uncomfortable to watch you all laughing at its obvious suffering and traumatic death. ik its jus a bug and maybe that's dramatic of me, but it just feel off to watch. it was jus a little guy probably trying to find his way back outside. i wish you had at LEAST cut that part out of the vlog🥺 other than that this video was INCREDIBLE and I loved it sm

  • lmao all the people talking abt the centipede but don’t y’all kill flies and spiders???

  • where's lexi??

  • miss ma’am i’ll be in kauai in 4 weeks 😭 my grandparents and uncle live on the island 🥺

  • Who are those 2 guys in the thumbnail? Did I miss them in the video? lol

  • Love your content but had to turn off after the centipede. Broke my heart 💔

  • omg upstate I’m from Syracuse!! :)

  • the effort put into these videos is amazing im quite obsessed with this. love from minnesota :)