the crew does it ALL- boats, helicopters, & more (KAUAI DAY 4 & 5)

Publicado el 9 jun 2021
THE CREW DOES IT ALL! we went on a boat cruise, helicopter ride and more! this series was extra as hell the way i set it up as a reality show but i thought you guys would enjoy a more professional sort of series to switch things up! TRUST ME we’re getting back to the vlogs ASAP but i hope you did enjoy this series and getting to know my friends a bit more.

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  • I swear u have got to make this a long serie ‘the crew’. I love this so so much 🙇🏽‍♀️🥰✌🏼

  • Andre is gorgeous

  • More with the crew plz!!

  • Totally random but what kind of camera do you use and could you do a video on how you started making ESmain videos and maybe some tips? Love your videos❤️

  • hannah’s friend group is everyone’s dream friend group… you have to admit it

  • dude my family and i used this tour company a few years back too and the weather wasn't good the day we were supposed to go so we kept postponing it but ended up doing it on our last day and it was still cloudy but it was great, i also sat in the middle seat ahaha

  • 15:34 Dannah SO CUTE! 😍🥰

  • Andre is literally the cutest thing 😍😍😍😍🥵

  • Please do more! These are amazing!!!! My 5th time watching 😊

  • Im just here thinking how do they get the money to do all these things??

  • normal

  • i love meredith so much wtf she’s gorgeous

  • dream life check?

  • Andre and jarrett omfg

  • she’s living in a dream

  • okay but andre....sheesh

  • ily!! Video Idea: Staying on the couch for 24hrs.

  • plot twist andre and mere are dating….

  • hannah where r ur white shorts from? the ones in the extra clips

  • cool vid hannah

  • i’ve been looking forward to this one!!!

  • I can feel the rain on my leg Is it normal ?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • loving mere's relationship with the boys

  • Helicopter tewer

  • Hannah looks high after the massage lol

  • Please rent a car that fits all of you!

  • Looking at your phone and driving is dangerous

  • ahaha I love how dean and hannah get out of the massage and look like they got hit by a bus 😂😂😂

  • Who needs to work to live like this?

  • What happened to Lexi??

  • I ship Dean and Hannah soooo much they care about each other so much!!!!!

  • Love the reef safe sunscreen

  • why didnt mere go on the helicopter ride? J curious

  • From which country are you

  • mere and the boys, that’s it that’s all

  • Andre is a beautiful hotter version of John b

  • i need more of thissss

  • Andre looks like John b

  • Hannah is literally living my dream life ngl

  • Den be a man and Post 😂❤️

  • andre and mere anyone?


  • “I just felt rain on my leg… is that normal?” HANNAH😂❤️

  • you and dean so cute together OMG

  • LMAO "they got an HQ in there you'll be fine" like that means anything

  • "I love the environment" *buys from shein*


  • isn’t that kinda not cool leaving your friends stranded all day..? I would’ve been super irritated if I were the friends

  • Saved this vid for my 9 hour car ride because how else would I pass the time

  • you should try to get jenny, maddie, and emily out! i miss them in the videossss

  • dont ever stop uploading videos like this PLZ

  • thank u for educating urself and also using ur platform to others about the importance of hawaiian land, as a hawaii resident myself , we really appreciate it!!!!

  • You guys should come to big island! Very underrated


  • I love this but hannah you should really make sure you're renting a car that fits everyone. One wrong move on another drivers end and an accident happens the guys in the trunk will be screwed. Please be careful!!

    • @Danielle there’s plenty of cars. Sadly they are all $300+ a day

    • she said there were no cars available to rent on this island and the car she is using is her friends. she has no choice other than walking everywhere

  • Brenden is literally walking advertisement of C'est Normal and Db.

  • 2:12 how does he get a background like that

  • im in love with yalls lifes omg

  • where is the red and orange bikini from?

  • whats jarrett's spotify?

  • don't lie who's in love with Andre..

  • this is one of my fav vlogs yet ugh I can't even

  • Any ideas what Hannah has been stressing about lately??

  • could she be any more dramatic about the flight lmfao

  • Thoughts on dating a trumpie

  • 19:58 “aww shes the cutest thing ever but-“ but what, dEaN?? but what?

  • dean is so kind to hannah):

  • Alex is so jokes, defo my fav of this lot :)

  • Alex is goated

  • don’t get me wrong i like the new vlogs and all but like it’s not even hannah’s channel anymore like she doesn’t even vlog anything herself anymore

  • I miss the old videos🥺 I don’t like the reality show type….

  • hannah you’re gorgeous and i just love your energy. also you and dean are the cutest i’m so happy for you

  • love love love this series

  • I miss her regular vlogs :(

  • i’ve been waiting for this video for ages and it has 7 ads🥲

  • dean is such a SWEETIE to hannah it’s so cute

  • Patiently waiting for the time I’ll have a friend group this genuine🥺❤️

  • Where’s Lexi 😞

    • @lucy thank you for telling me

    • her friends came to visit so she stayed behind to see them

  • Dean gaslighting you at the end 😬

    • From the first vids he gives me like such strange vibes... Like he seems like a complicated person, super friendly and actually nice to other people, but douchy or condescending suddenly. Like one of the first vids he was in, being kind of weird with Mere

    • exactly my thought like i was excited to see their relationship because he seems so sweet and friendly in all the videos but that made him seem so douchey 😐

  • i ship mere and andre so much omg

  • I loved this series, I hope she does another one.

  • i need a hannah in my life.

  • ya'll need a minivan lol


  • We need some interview bloopers bc I know y’all were laughing in there😂

  • I love that you’re using this video as a fundraiser 👏🏼👏🏼💙💙💙

  • That’s such a dream💙💙

  • Wait is Dean and Hannah dating? Because he is SOOOOOO into her😂


  • This would totally be livin the dream!!!! Love ya Hannah!!

  • “It’s like Jurassic Park” yeah except they crashed in Jurassic park...

  • THE INTRO IS FIRE 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  • you’re such a beautiful human inside and out!! Also where are your grey sweat shorts from 😍

  • I was giggling SO hard at the end with Hannah and Dean talking about the instagram post 😂

  • dream friends, dream life! really happy that hannah can live this experience!

  • i love how hannah’s using her platform to spread awareness

  • Dean is so loving and perfect for you!!! Your so lucky.

  • after the massage they r talking so soft and slow its so funny

  • I was thinking when y’all were in the car driving to the helicopter…”well she uploaded so she isn’t dead…”