setting my best friend up on a blind date

setting my best friend up on a blind date.... this went well! Dean and I wanted to set some of our closest friends up on a date who we thought would be PERFECT for each other. mere and michael go on a blind date...

WELL! enjoy this weeks video cause i won't be back until next monday!
if you missed the vlog last week you can watch it here
the vlog of the summer:
it's one of my favorite vlogs ever! it's the rest of the time when mere, nolan, and liza visited dean and i!

mere's insta: @goodmeredith
michaels insta: @michaelpaduano
give them both a follow for being the best ever i'm not sure how or why we did this but i know we all had a lot of fun

MY INSTA: @hannahmeloche

thats it for this weeks video...
i'll see you guys so soon!
like the video if we should do this with more friends in the future cause i actually had a blast hahaha
love ya lots
see you soon
take care


  • dean is so obnoxious in this video. I feel so bad for michael and mere, they did not want to be there lol especially with a camera in their face

  • omg he does look like peter tho

  • That blind date had me weak 😂💀the whole time, Dean is such a character 😭😭.. the whole time I thought y’all were going to cook 😭......

  • Mere do the same joke to hannah, i wanna see how dean reacts, dean i dont like you

  • i feel so bad for micheal. dean was being so mean to him. especially when he put the plate on his head 😭 poor guy..

  • such a good couple

  • This was really cool idea, but it could’ve perfectly ended when they met, like the date itself being filmed was too weird

  • hi hannah! me and my family are going to maui in december and im wondering your favorite things to do there like touristy things. let me know thx!

  • There is no way these kids are close to my age.... absolutely no way.

  • Dean is a jerk

  • neval papperman???

  • This was painful


  • why is everyone hating on dean, he was literally joking around with his friend its hilarious

    • Fr I read some comments before watching the video and I was expecting the worst but he was actually just messing around😂 the only part where you could feel the second hand embarrassment was the part with the plate on michael’s head which I thought was a bit too much

  • michael is so cute

  • Jesus. Dean. I think you sprayed him a little too much and made him a little more blind. Lol

  • where is the new episode? By the way, that dude is so funny...

  • I feel so bad for Michael he seems so nice

  • i’m sorry but micheal seems so uncomfortable 💀💀

  • when you guys were setting up the table I honestly thought you were gonna set the char where the pavement kinda has a hole in it and dean prob would fall! im like omg I hope they move it over this doesn't look good! lol

  • omg they don't make em like that anymore!!! that was sooo super sweet of you guys awww. best friends ever legit.


  • he was so awkward 😭 but she definitely doesn’t like him

  • The vibes during the blind date just weren’t it. Not a huge fan of this video..

  • dean was not funny at all….not so cool to watch

  • so did she only go to college for one semester??

  • why are my palms sweating profusely while watching this all play out 🥵

  • everybody needs a dean

    • I agree👍

  • Hola, que tal?, como van?, Los mejores y más cordiales Saludos desde puente piedra, lima, Perú, ojalá que puedas venir en algún momento a mi país y que disfrutes mucho de todo por aquí, con la familia y los amigos, felicidades por tus vídeos.

  • Mere was so not feeling Michael. Both so adorable tho and what blind date (especially on camera) ain't a little awks! Cute vid xxx

  • muito bom( very good)

  • Mere is the prettiest and sweetest person

  • why do i kinda feel like dean is an asshole

    • l l I did

    • @Julia watch the vid

    • Bruh what how

    • @katherine jean right?!

    • cuz he is

  • Honestly Dean was way too much in this video. Putting others down to be on top isn’t it

  • I normally love your vids, but I honestly had to stop watching this one when Dean would talked to Michael. they way you talk to people says a lot about your character and heart. still love you but I agree with most of these comments. I felt bad for Mere and Michael

  • he looks too old for mere and they don’t match energy

  • I feel bad for mere, hanah should have thought about this. After all she calls them best friends.

  • This is the funniest video you’ve ever made

  • why does dean have to talk and be so obnoxious the entire time. like this is supposed to be a casual nice time so two people can get to know each other. can anybody else be in the room with him? or is his head too damn big. it’s high-key embarrassing.

  • am i the only one who thinks mere likes dean

  • yall look like siblings i cannot omg

  • omg micheal was SO painfully boring, poor mere

  • this is such a good video idea im acc loving watching this lol

  • ok this is one of her funniest videos... right up there with the iconic attacking chicken

  • i feel bad for michael

  • I’m sorry what that was so much cologne

  • this gave me so much anxiety hahaha

  • the drone was TOO MUCH

  • No hate, but dean was a biiiiit much in this video.

  • dean is hilarious i love him haha this video was so funny


  • this video just made me really uncomfy I couldn’t even watch it all the way through :/

    • @Ruvimbo Lisa you didn’t feel uncomfortable watching this?

    • Girl why

  • okay I try nit to base off of looks but mere is so beautiful inside and out and y'all hyped up that dude??

  • adding this to the list of videos I didnt realize I needed in my life I am cryINGGGG

  • Dean is making me 😂

  • I’m sorry but dean is so narcissistic

  • Omg funny that Michael and Meredith have a similar personality 😆

  • Mere is so sweet and dean is so funny can’t stop laughing when I watched this x

  • dean is literally the funniest person ever i was laughing at him the whole time

  • This might be the funniest video yet

  • I am BEGGING dean to make a ESmain channel

  • More Michael, less Dean

  • I think Michael was the star of the show. I would watch more vlogs of him.

  • his parents were prob like dean what r h doing

  • the fact that dean is tht comfortable hahaha


  • please this was hilarious

  • Awww Michael I felt bad for him he looked like he had second hand embarrassment with Dean

  • dean was the worst in the vidoes 0/10

  • MV rất hay, i like it ☝😢💟

  • this was by far one of my favorite videos. I could not stop laughing

  • "You guys are going to be watching us" "no we're not" *later in the video* "we've been watching them talk and they're making really good conversation!" 😂😂 this video made me laugh so much

  • i’m sorry but Meredith deserves a lot better

  • no wonder he is single 😂😂

  • im so confused are deans parents Gucci with all of these people staying here all summer ily

  • Prob my fav vid of hers ever! Please do more of these

  • why does he give me gibby from icarily vibes?😂

  • When Dean acted like he was from too hot to handle 😭😭😭😭

  • Dean is just really good at making people feel uncomfortable 😂😂

  • This might be one of the funniest videos I’ve watched lately 😂

  • Dean is truly one of a kind

  • This video was so funny lol

  • Why did i get nervous?!

  • I'm back here to share that I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed that my friend sprayed a lot of perfume on my face until I couldn’t breathe💀

  • ok this is really cute

  • Yikes. 🚩


  • Hannah needed someone like Dean. She has too many shy friends

  • yall did mer so dirty

  • I honest don’t know how Dean hasn’t started a ESmain channel years ago, he is so damn funny 😂 he literally makes the videos so much more funny! 👌

    • oh, it's definitely coming...he's far too self-centred NOT to take the opportunity...


  • omg this is the funniest thing ever !!

  • Let's make 3 date if they want again 😍😍

  • dean stole the show😂

  • are you vaccinated?

  • Concerning how much cologne dean puts on him😷 Also dean: “make sure you pull out…….. the seat for her”

  • Dean is the same as my guy friends who make me laugh hysterically but cause me so much anxiety at the same time

  • honks at a squirrel. the guys are so new york-ey lmao

  • The way he drenched his face in Versace

  • This is going to become one of my new comfort ESmain videos