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dean and i had so much fun doing all that in 1 day.... here's a little recap on what we did!
1. take the train into the city
2. went to quality bistro for lunch
3. did a fun hotel tour
4. walked around 5th avenue to try and shop a lil
5. went to the museum of ice cream
6. lola taverna for dinner
7. ended up in times square
8. breakfast at blue dog cafe
9. shopping at nordstrom
10. biked through central park
11. saw the friends apartment
12. walked around soho
13. went to wild for lunch
14. took the ferry back to NJ

let me know if you want a part 2....

i asked deans sister (who lives in the city) for some other fun recommendations here's a few more she came up with!
-Washington Square Park
-The High Line
-Chelsea Market

instagram: hannahmeloche

starlite village:

thank you for watching and supporting me through it all
it means the world
make today amazing
i love you


  • Epic thanks

  • Do part 2 in a different city!!

  • Go to Hudson Yards next time! Great spot for shopping and right by the High Line.


  • Im really really starting to like dean because he just has that vibe that he doesnt care if hes embarassing, and he just lives life being happy it seems like❤️ so happy for you two

  • Never felt so single haha, but still love your videosss🥰

  • I literally love your whole vibe!!! Much love from Germany

  • the amount of tourist energy this video radiates makes me so happy

  • I luv how Dean talks to everyone in public 😂

  • lol fellow~tomes!

  • What camera does Hannah use lately omg it looks soooo good ?! ❤️ does anybody know, it could be so helpful for my film class

  • how healthy and fast was their cyclist. Olympics level right there

  • okay but this new camera Hannah is using is amazing!! the quality is just beautiful :)

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  • 2% and a dream i’m dead 😂

  • i m obsessed with your outfit and with your hair in the low pony yES

  • do 24 hours in chicago so I can meet you!!!

  • this made me feel so single but so happy for u guys

  • You have to try Bubbys its a breakfast place! Theres one by the high line and another one in tribeca! Also dean and deluca has amazing donuts

  • Part 2 in jersey please I’m gonna be living there for a month!

  • Ahhh one of my favourite vlogs because I love New York and also Han is one of my favorite ESmainrs 🤩🤍🤍🤍

  • Does anybody know what editing software Hannah uses?! Asking for a friend..

  • I really hope they do last forever in a happy, healthy and loving relationship 💓


  • 24 hours in la?????

  • How Hannah doesn’t get her video taken off for song’s copyright ?

  • you and dean warm my heart

  • I was in the city this day and I was keeping an eye out for you (didn’t find you tho obvs😂) wish I could’ve!

  • my goodness, i hope you both stay in this beautiful honeymoon stage type love forever

  • They are genuinely so happy together

  • Where is your black shirt from in this video? It’s super cute!

  • this video was so well made!!!!! hannah, you do such an incredible job every time!

  • chase and madelyn vibes for sure

  • hannah's vlogs make me so excited for life

  • im from nyc and i was away!! wish i could have seen u! :(

  • GO TO BRYANT PARK. it’s beside times square!!

  • Where do u get your music from to put in your ESmain VIDOES?

  • Namibia represent! 🇳🇦❤️

  • Hannah u look just like casey on the show greek

  • I literally love how talkative dean is its so funny

  • gossip girl tour in ny?

  • This video put me in such a good mood I can’t even 🤓

  • Extremely irresponsible behavior not wearing your masks in an Uber or NJ Train/Station. You’re still required to wear them regardless of vaccination status. Cute tourist blog though 🤪

  • i feel like you would LOVE upstate new york, highly recommend you visit at some point :)


  • i would def love a part 2 i love this content with you and dean and you living life

  • the icecream museum clips are so so cute

  • Come to Chicago next :)

  • Not you getting on Nj transit without a mask Hannah 🤭

  • ommmwww South African represenntinng !!! Love from SA Hannah

  • love their faces at 13:18 😆🥺

  • Which what app do you edit your videos and what music do you use🤍🤍🤍


  • long island>jersey

  • babes zac effron is in nsw australia lamoo

  • Where did you buy the cropped, colorful shirt you are wearing at the beginning ? Thanks in advance💕💕

  • it’s the not wearing masks in ubers for me… there’s literally a pop up saying you have to wear one when you order an uber

  • pls never break up i will cry

  • Masks are still strongly encouraged in NYC and every service worker had a mask on. Come on


  • Hannah do 24 hours in St. Louis. I’ll be your guide lol

  • There is this super cute restaurant called ellen’s stardust diner and they put on off broadway shows while you eat. It’s so cool!

  • definitely yes to a part 2!!! i’m moving there in a week!

  • No one shot with a mask on..very interesting

  • when you said that you were taking the ferry, i thought you were talking about the staten island ferry LOL

  • I’m 28 and I live for these vlogs. Like I’m drinking my coffee before my kid wakes up laughing my ass off. You two together 🤌🏼

  • song at 15:30?

  • U two are so cute together🥺

  • the obx hoodie 😌

  • Hannah is literally my comfort youtuber

  • THE EDGE !!!

  • this is the cutest video ever

  • i would love a part 2 but damn it looks so expensive 😭

  • this vlog was so entertaining dean is so funny omg

  • I have lived in NYC my whole life and actually live near the hotel you stayed at. I laughed a bit when you ubered all the way to times square to go to a CVS because in NYC our main drug store is Duane Reade (there is one near the Pierre haha). Some of my favorite restaurants in the city are 12 chairs, Mezzaluna, Momoya, Shoo Shoo and Bar Pitti. I live uptown and would say downtown is much more exciting and has better restaurants and shopping.

  • 24 hrs in seattle

  • Hannah is bold for wearing those flip flops in the city

  • There were some glam shots in the carriage boo

  • Dean is so mf funny omg, he has me cackling in every video

  • you just went into the train without a mask on. are you even vaccinated?

  • hannah and dean are the dream couple they're literally so cute I can't-

  • Okay new camera

  • 24 hours in chicago plz!!!

  • Go to “The old rose” restaurant by The Highline park, beat pasta I have ever had. And let me tell you - I’ve had a lot🍝 Looooove New York, wanna go back so bad😌

  • How do you use Frank Sinatra without copyright

  • The joy in this video literally rubbed off on me, 10/10

  • Y’all are too cute

  • God loves u

  • i love this

  • That looks like the best trip ever!! I wanna goooo!!!

  • Come to buffalo ny!!



  • This has got to be my favorite vlog thus far

  • Dean is so funny lol

  • color factory is the coolest spot in nyc

  • im obsessed with this. also the way u edit your vids is everything

  • Loved seeing the bike driver from Namibia, haha! Southern Africa represent!

  • Dean lowkey looks like Andy Samberg lol

  • the ice cream museum clips really were just amazing 🤣😭