my relationship got leaked!! + i guess a Q&A!!

Publicado el 13 may 2021
my relationship got leaked! i wish this was clickbait lol! i also decided to do a life update and Q&A while we were at it!

my mascara!
bad gal bang:

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  • Love your top!

  • literally you are my comfort youtuber

  • does anyone know where her top is from?

  • vids like this with Lexi!!

  • you are just so calming

  • Does anyone know where her top is from?!

  • I hope she doesn’t get vaccinated 🤭 Arlines in Russia and Spain are advising vaccinated people to not fly due to blood clots. 😥

  • The long suede intriguingly fry because cartoon pathologically park like a pointless cloakroom. fast, maddening bacon


  • Why am I so happy you said Cody ko I love him!!

  • question: would u ever come back to like the states (ik hawaii is a state i just dont know what to call it) and if so, where?

    • Mainland is what the collective 48 states are called

  • 3:00 as I’m literally sitting eating a snack watching Hannah lol 🤍

  • Hello🌸

  • I am happy that you are happy in your relationship hannah! I know it wasn't the way you wanted to announce it for sure but I love this so much for you

  • My comfort ESmain’s are Brooklyn and Bailey, Niki and gabi doing videos together and mr beast

  • comfort tubers: u, cody ko, ava jules eva meloche, diana ren

  • when you go back home..... BRING THE CREW!!!!!!

  • My top 3 comfort ESmainrs are you, Ava and Ellie

  • You are my comfort youtuber

  • I thought Joshua Bassett was dating Sabrina Carpenter or is that over IDEK

  • Ahhh im so happy for I and dean! but what abt jacob? ily

  • I hate to be the person to even comment this but is anyone else wondering what happen to the last boy? Cause if we gotta get on his ass for hurting hannah I will gladly take a drive.

  • Ohhh god! I was in shock, what happen with Jacob? 🤧🤧

    • They broke up a while ago

  • Wow people saw a link in a tiktok and actually decided to try and find it lololol the internet is scary

  • You should still do your relationship reveal exactly how you want to, when you’re comfortable! Don’t let anyone take that away from you or make you cringe at your own happy moments. Take back what’s yours hun ❤️

  • Ok but those videos are so cute


  • love this shirt on you omg❤️ & im so sorry someone would leak your personal info... people will do anything for views these days ig...

  • you are my comfort youtuber

  • i'm really sorry this happened to you :/ but you two are super cute together!! ily

  • I love how open she is and her confidence!


  • How the relationship was "announced" was bad and really sad because people don't understand privacy but dean and Hannah are literally the cutest, the clips🥺🥺❤️

  • hey girl, can you start saying Hawaiʻi right?! thenks

  • I love Dean and Hannah! I am so happy

  • Y is she uncomfortable from those videos...that's her bf..also y did she say u don't have to go look for those videos I'll out them here as if any of us were gonna go look for them😭

  • You’re my comfort youtube i love you !!

  • I thought her and Jacob we’re together

  • Wait what & when did Hannah & Jacob break up???

  • i’m so proud of you hannah!

  • what about Jacob?

  • so did she just completely ditch ava...?

  • ‘This is a great question because I still don’t know’ haha me

  • im a little late but what happened with jacob

  • why is no one talking about how her top and the color of it suit her so well

  • ur shirt is sooo cute!! where is it from???

  • thank you for this hannah!

  • dani carolan

  • Alisha is also my favourite comfort youtuber!

  • 2:08 i felt that

  • I put Smokey Glow on in the background while I'm vibing

  • Okay but like her relationship with Dean is so cute and the way she handled the situation shows just how mature Hannah can be.

  • The fact that I was comfort eating while watching this

  • but in the videos when he keeps teasing you thats so FREAKING CUTE 😭

  • I am absolutely disgusted by the people who leaked this! It’s your life and you should be able to announce it when or if ever you wanted to! 🥺

  • I also think it’s „important“ and good that you show the tricky sides about living on your own and handling so much. So that it doesn’t seem like everything is so easy. But also it’s obviously your choice, just a reminder 🥰

  • I love how honest you are, and i really feel sorry that some people have the „need“ to invade someone’s privacy like that💋

  • LMFAO the way Hannah was like fuck it here are the videos bc i know your nosy asses will try to find them online.

  • lol you’re such a coward Hannah. everyone knows about your mask comment and the rest from these leaked videos. how convenient of you not to include that footage 🤔😂

    • @Madeline Carr Tiktok

    • Where can I find the rest of the leaked footage?

  • Your my comfort ESmainr

  • Alissa Marie!!! We Stan!!!

  • girl you are a queen we support you always!! 💛

  • Me eating dinner watching this video because Hannah is my comfort eating ESmainr

  • me eating a snack while watching her video

  • Everyone’s talking about Hannah and Dean but I’m just happy that Hannah Said she likes Danny Duncan hahaha she’s a real one

  • where is her top from??

  • Jesus loves you hannah and whoever is reading this :) I am praying for you :)

  • some people really don’t have respect for others and it’s sad. ily hannah

  • Are we gonna talk about the fact that her phone case matches her shirt like ok I see u little miss monochromatic

  • Hannah’s podcast would be EVERYTHING

  • pSyCh... Hannah, Joshua basset is not gay... if you look at the different interviews and posts from him... hes not gay. its all a lie and assumption


  • so sorry your private life gotleaked like that :( but you and dean are the cutest x

  • I hadn’t heard about you and Dean. That’s so unfortunate that the news got out before the two of you were ready. I’m so sorry I bet that was really disappointing

  • Hi Hannah Melooooche.

  • we love the new girl appreciation

  • What about Jacob or whatever his name was

  • I'm happy for her and I'm sorry the footage got leaked! I do hope Jacob is doing okay though since this seemed to have happened so fast! He seemed like a really sweet guy in all of their videos together

  • apparently i missed the memo. i thought she was still was jacob

  • Idk the situation obviously but it makes me kinda uncomfy/bummed that she moved on from jacob so fast!

  • Is there gonna be a video about costs and living and just overall how you did it?

  • this would be great if he wasn’t a trump supporter...

  • Please starts a trend ware ESmain’s sponsore other ESmainrs merch or products etc...Brooklyn’s and bialys mascara is amazing and Amon and Becs chi tea is so good

  • are mere and truckie dating? bc in the easter video the way truckie was looking at mere omg my hearttt

  • She seems so sad when she told us about dean I feel kinda bad


  • hannah asking who our comfort youtubers are as i'm sitting here with my comfort food watching her you hannah ;))

  • what happened with her (ex) boyfriend ?

  • I’m extremely happy for you Han🥺🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍


  • nooooooo hannah and jackkkkkkkkk :(

  • i’m so sorry abt what happened with your and dean’s relationship :(( but the way u handled it was so mature ily hannah 🥰

  • I use the same mascara!

  • Dean and Hannah are so so cute 🥺🥺🥺

  • Love you and your videos would you ever do a everyday makeup and hair video Xxxx

  • I use the same mascara and it’s the BEST

  • Whats the name of the music at the end?

  • Can someone please tell me where her shirt is from

  • I’m so sorry about the privacy issue but I’m happy for you both!

  • you aren't going to address the one leaked video when you said you don't wear masks on the north shore??

  • speaking of depop, nolan has been on his game killing it selling lately