i gave my guy friends my vlog camera for a WEEK

Publicado el 22 abr 2021
i gave my guy friends my vlog camera for a WEEK

I appreciate every single sweet comment and you don't go unnoticed
i promise you

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  • cigs inside!!!!

  • what songs where jack and trukie listening to

  • 9:23 the guy ripping a fat bowl😅

  • I loved that:" I am about to destroy the toilet"!! I laughed so hard😂😂❤️❤️


  • I wonder if that’s the same chicken joe that parallel parked my car at the The bar in Lihue Hawaii Six years ago because me and my sister could not parallel park LOL if so it’s good to see you chicken joe I hope you’re doing good buddy I will actually be staying there soon

  • Anyone know what the song is in the surfing clip? Love it 🤩

  • someone please tell me the song at 12:27 i am dying bro I cant remember

  • omg who is Chicken joe I want to be his best friend

  • This was great comedic relief 😅

  • dean is an agent of chaos and im living for it

  • ok i think im the only one from Argentina who's watching this channel lol

  • dean has to start his own channel now

  • i love the old guy 😂

  • i cant stop laughing about jacks sound effect

  • I just in love with Dean🥲

  • i ordered these by the reality of the chance of the relationship lol 1. mere + truckie 2. hannah + jack 3. lex + dean (not probable lololol)

  • I have not laughed this hard in a long time watching a vlog. Thank you for this.

  • wait omg as hannah i would love to edit this

  • just realized my boyfriend went to high school with dean lol

  • they need to start their own blog channel !!

  • what is the hostel name again?

  • love it haha

  • i love this vlog so much hahahhaahah

  • How did Truckie break his rib?

  • greeting my fellow melochians the EARTHHH SAYSSS HELLOOOO

  • Oh my... No words 🤣🤣🤣

  • jack looks like cody ko.

  • why r these men so-

  • Dean is such a good youtuber . he deserves an award

  • I have the biggest crush on all of them

  • you guys have the most perfect friend group

  • this is my dream life!

  • siempre hay argentinos.

  • 9:23 high asf

  • No but melochians is such a good name

  • Does Jack even own a shirt

  • Dean has IMMACULATE vibes

  • y’all were all melochians!!

  • i can’t with Dean filming random people he just met 😭 i want to be him. what’s his secrets to being him

  • The bong really ✨spices things up✨ Also the “greenhouse effect” is real af, can’t get too “stoked”

  • Does anyone know what the hostel/village is called it looks super cool?!

  • I love this !!!

  • everybody be hatin on truckie :(((

  • Argentina 😎😎😎😎

  • just wondering like where do they get money from

  • Argentinaaaa 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • loved this video so much!! always wanted to go surfing

  • gurl i’m in love w ur friends

  • turns out jackie boy actually has a personality that's good to know

  • the picture of dean & is skateboard makes him look like a proud dad

  • big jack fan here

  • Love this

  • if they had a youtube channel I totally would suscribe

  • Omg the bong hahahaahahha

    • Love this group even more now

  • aye Puerto Rico

  • i’ve never heard this many “yEWs” in 15 minutes LOLOL

  • i just found out my brother knows dean through mutual friends from high school and immediately i had to bring up the chicken attack. sorry dean!

  • I love how they all look like John b from outer banks 😂

  • This is hilarious, Jack and Truckie are like siblings they're always bickering hahahahahah

  • this should just be called absolute chaos for a week

  • we don’t love them we are IN LOVE with them

  • they are literally the friends cast

  • Wait, I apologize if I missed this, do they have day jobs they work in Hawaii? I was just curious how they are going from place to place and wasnt sure if it was just a vaca or not

  • 9:22

    • Buddy buddy in the back taking a phat toke


  • this is a work of art hannah!!! i loved this so much, please do a part 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 etc!

    • just realized i forgot the number 8 but you get the point lol 😂

  • bahahaha!! love this so much!!! the boys have such great energy!!!

  • Dudes are a whole a$$ species I swear

  • i love how dean had the camera the entire time

  • This should be interesting hahaa

  • Dean can def get it

  • ahah i'm from France too

  • i NEED the playlist for whoever had the aux at 13:54 RIGHT NOW

  • Truckie’s mom is so cute for that omg

  • What a good looking friend group

  • aguante argentinaaa

  • are you still with your boyfriend

  • i guess i’m literally the only who died when he said chicken joe then called jack cody maverick 😭😭😭😭

  • the fact that truckie goes to dartmouth like.. lol

  • One of them look and sounds like Cole sprouse


  • “are you the girl Danielle's been talking about?” 😂 - Dean 2021

  • truckie looks like a young prince william before he went bald

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/e4x1b9SmhJuHd9U

  • I can’t imagine how hard mere and Hannah laughed when editing

  • Silver beard reminds me of my art teacher

  • dean is hannah. jack is lexi. And truckie is mere. convince me otherwise.

  • Please make a part 2!

  • esmain.info/home/PLfKXhDclln7zddf4VOU1DcKpYPvFTU83y 7hearts dances :D

  • I feel High just by watching the boys , never thought Hannah would chill with weed smokers ?😂😂

    • @Holly Golightly it’s just a lil weed. Hopefully they aren’t on some Christian high-horse and think it’s something awful

    • @Reagan her Christian Fam be like 👁 👄 👁

    • Nothing wrong with a little THC, i hope Hannah is getting some too :)

    • Holly Golightly oh definitely 😂 I’ve always thought of hannah as the sweet little church girl so I never expected her to get along with the stoner dudes but I kinda love it haha

    • @Helena T. yess! 😂😂 I also feel like Jack is high the whole time lol

  • 13:09 How does he swim in the ocean with his eyes open. When I open my eyes when I'm swimming in the ocean my eyes really burn like how does he do that? (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Their skin!!!! I mean THEIR SKINNNNNNN!!!!!!


  • Literally better than the regular vlogs

  • argentinian yesss vamo carajo

  • WAIT WHAT jack can speak french??

  • the canadian accent for half the vlog pls

  • bruh I want jack so bad lmaoo

  • pls tell me i wasn’t the only one that saw the guy in the back smoking the bong😭