get ready for a DATE with me?

Publicado el 17 may 2021
get ready for a DATE with me... CRAZY! lets talk about boys and relationship advice while i do a little makeup tutorial!

lots more over on my insta:
@ hannahmeloche

starlite village:​


porefessinal primer:

Clinique moisture surge:

clinique all over even better concealer:

two faced born this way powder:

rare beauty blush:

butter bronzer:

brow gel:

my brow brush that i’ve legit had for YEARS:

tartes maracuja juicy lip i am obsessed with:

tea tree oil:

my mascara!
bad gal bang:

sun bum hair stuff: clothing and new jewelry coming may 24th!


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  • "Put yourself out there" - way 😩

  • The couple in the back

  • I’m a dude so I’m not really interested in this content but thank you so much for just chilling the fuck out. Hella ESmainrs are way too exaggerated and it’s not a good look, watching this didn’t give me anxiety. Lol, Christ. Much respect.

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  • ive used tea tree oil for years and LOVE IT

  • Does anyone know wich Color the tarte juicy lipstick is? The Link does not work for me ☹️ Thanks!

  • Trust Gods plan a be patience to who He sends

  • Does anyone know what shade her lip gloss thing is in?

  • Love you....more. 🧡⛰ ..........

  • Your encouragement is serene!!

  • i’m watching this before going on a date and i’m so excited


  • DEAN AND HANNAH R SO CUTE!!! I’m glad hannah is happy :)

  • I have a question that I didn’t ask. Would you be uncomfortable if a girl had a crush on you?

  • My first date is Saturday so this came out just in time 😭😋😋

  • omg the butter bronzer is my absolute favorite 10/10 recommend.

  • Hello, I'd like to offer you a commercial. Please, check your email.

  • i followed what you said to do for figuring out if the person you like likes you back... and it WORKED. we’re going on a date next week😌🤝

  • where is the black tank top from??

  • Benefit uses animal cruelty

  • dean is so cute omfg i cant HAHAH

  • Good advice

  • Omg im so happy for u❤️


  • nicaragua trip w the girls”

  • anyone know where’s she going, like why she’s packing ??

  • Ugh I wish I had a crush. Everyone around just isn't my type. I actually cringe when someone says they like me. I hate letting people down but -- no thanks 😩

  • this time I can see that Hannah is the pne that's beeing love more she looks much happier and free spirited

  • Hannah I never comment on your videos but I love you like a little sister! Dean BETTER know that he should be HONORED to date you!

  • i love u so much Hannah, it’s so awesome seeing you thriving and so happy

  • why did dean look like a happy golden retriever smiling at the camera in the last vid

    • kinda embarrsing you posted this so now ur date can watch this lmao

  • I like a guy and I’ve liked him since last June but in April he got back together with his ex who cheated on him with someone she didn’t even know 😐

  • who else would like to see a jewelry collection because i love her necklaces

  • dude that first question🥲 it got me. but such great advice and you were so genuinely sweet it made me feel a lot better

  • Okay but thank you, I actually need some of this advice right now.

  • I started listening to the "like"s in her story and I really regret it lol

  • your vids make me so motivated ty 💜

  • guys: NOT put pure tea tree oil on your skin. If you buy tea tree oil essential oil, DILUTE it with a carrier oil or make sure the product has other things in it. Pure essential oils can give you chemical burns on your skin.

  • what shade do you use in the butter bronzer?

  • it's the crooked eyebrows for me (jk ily)

  • Does she wear sunscreen or

  • You’re my comfort ESmainr


  • have to be able to have those mature conversations to do nature things”

  • I’ve been loving the Hawaii content. Hawaii is doing Hannah good!!

  • kinda embarrsing you posted this so now ur date can watch this lmao

  • HANNAH i fricken love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu your so beautifullllllllllllllll

  • she's so well spoken

    • @bilishu aliss that's the sweetest thing ever omg thank you so much, i needed that. have a great day beautiful

    • Please keep doing you! You are such a queen and so many people look up to you seriously you’re a bad ass bitch don’t let anything phase you

  • "my face is very pale compared to my body" literally same. even in the summer my face is ALWAYS lighter than the rest of my body but i think its because i wash my face more than i wash my body (2 times a day) and i use exfoliating and acne products

    • “You’re not going to beg someone to stick around” YESSSS SIS, it took me years to realize this!!!

  • im so obsessed with this girl.

  • Dean and Hannah are so cute! But can we also talk about the people sitting behind them at 11:23 ❤️

  • Dean looked so sweet and happy awe! Hannah you are gorgeous!!

  • the best youtuber!!

  • the song in the beginning was so nice omg

  • have to be able to have those mature conversations to do nature things”

  • In 19 about to be 20 and I still haven’t had a actualy boyfreind where it’s serious

  • i still feel so bad that people leaked the videos online but i’m happy she’s dating dean bc she seems so much happier 

  • “You’re not going to beg someone to stick around” YESSSS SIS, it took me years to realize this!!!

  • 7:10 FACTS HANNAH!

  • Please keep doing you! You are such a queen and so many people look up to you seriously you’re a bad ass bitch don’t let anything phase you

  • The way your like a big sis I lovveeee🥰

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  • hannahhh idk if you remember me but me and my friend met you and dean on the big island back in march!! we suspected y'all were dating heheh🤭happy to see u happy!

  • hannah is literally my big sister!!!

  • 11:23 that smile🥺🥺

  • weeey cortalo

  • why do i feel like she’s stuck up now like i just feel like she’s different and so not genuine

  • tea tree oil slapssssss

  • Skincare tip: Dilute the tea tree oil cause it can be very harsh and burn through your skin and do more harm than good!! Vitamin c is also a game changer for acne and acne scars. Use face sun block daily when using tea tree oil or vitamin c!

  • You’re literally the reason I turned my notification settings back on💕

  • if your best friend is letting your boyfriend legitimately flirt with them they are not your best friend. and dump the boyfriend.

  • Did you break up with your first boyfriend

  • I recently started dating a woman in a wheelchair, and I stood her up. Not surprisingly that's when she fell for me...and you know what, it became a bit of a drag...but now we're on a roll.

  • In which month do women gossip the least? February, cause it has only 28 days.

  • Me: being a baby Hannah: being my mom and telling me all the tea I need to know about life Lol

  • my favorite comfort youtuber

  • i want the set so baddd😫😫😭😭

  • This is so cute I loved it

  • lol i didn’t have a boyfriend till a month before my 19th, and we have been together for a year now and we are long distance...everything takes time and yeahhh

  • i miss jacob ): i wonder what happened

  • For anyone reading this, if you’re feeling hopeless of ever getting into a relationship. I never had a boyfriend until I was 20 years old, he was my first kiss. So don’t lose hope 😊

  • Prime is a silicone cream that blocks the natural oils from your face to interact with you’re makeup. So the silicone is like a shield almost to make you’re makeup stay longer and it also smoothness you’re face because it “fills” ur pores so it’s smoother


  • is your sugar rush palette no longer available?

  • 11:23 AWW HAHAHAHA

  • Omg I totally love her, but her eyebrows are different sizes 😭😭

  • all i gotta say is.... RIP Jacob😕

  • anyone else can’t wait till her wedding day???😍🥰

  • I couldn't date someone who also dates the other half of the world. Also you are not qualified to give relationship advice until you've ruined someones life with kids and have that poor bastard screaming on your front lawn. only when your standing on top of his still beating heart will you understand.

  • Love this kind of videos

  • seeing you this happy is it for me omg

  • starlite clothes 😍😍😍

  • Omg yess tea tree oil works WONDERS

  • i’m pretty sure hannah and mere and lexi and maybe ava are going to either costa rica or nicaragua because lexi posted a story with her to do list and one of them said “plan nicaragua trip w the girls”

  • when will the gold initial necklace in “C” be restocked??

  • were u edit ur videos?

  • what was the eyeshadow palette she used? 😍

  • yall are so cute omg

  • Did she explain why her and Jacob broke up?

  • wait, what happened with her? some pls explain? *also i ship **#dennah** her ex looked controlling ngl :/*