boys will break your heart

Publicado el 7 may 2021
boys will break your heart: fact!
i'm so sorry i've been sucking at uploading lately i missed you guys so much. it's time to get back on track woohooo!

I appreciate every single sweet comment and you don't go unnoticed
i promise you
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  • Lol fellowtomes

  • i mean girls will do the exact same thing just saying

  • Hello🌸🌼

  • This girl is literally living in the world of teenage dream!!!


  • you hanging out with caitlyn is iconic

  • that they will

  • I was so shook when I seen kaitlyn.

  • "red light."

  • Why is jack leaving?


  • OMG why am I so sad I’m so sad that’s so sad LIKE stop why am I crying whilst watching this HOPEFULLY U GUYS HAVE A REUNION ONE DAY!!!

  • Hannah; boys will break your heart. hannah 5 days ago; im going on a date. (still love u hannah haha)

  • Her title said is all bro😂 “boys”

  • Her thumbnail not me thinking its Lexi Rivera

  • I actually had to skip pass the spit in the goggles. I can handle open wounds, but not saliva. 🤢

  • whats the song at the beginning?? I can’t find that particular remix anywhere

  • You can spit in my mask anytime, haha.....

  • Girls will break your heart cuz all they want is validation

  • wait, some one help, is hannah still dating jacob because she still follows him and so does her family

    • No She is with dean now

  • Me: *watching this randomly and having no clue who Jack is and why he’s leaving*

  • Not hannah exposing megs new bf🤣🤣

  • Watching this video after she announced her and Dean dating in her latest video 😂😂😂

  • Dean- mare Truckie-Lexie Jack-Hannah

  • Please what self tanner do u use? I’m looking for a good one

  • #savesheikhjarrah

  • hi friends in the comments, Hannah will never see this but I just uploaded a moving vlog series to my channel & posted a vlog of my first day in my new apartment. I would rly appreciate if u guys checked it out

  • guys will break your heart but Jesus won’t!

  • i can confirm that the title is true

  • Honestly it’s better to just grab regular googles from the food land across the street if you go to sharks cove on vacation please go and wear water shoes!!

  • Does anyone know what camera she uses to film?

  • I know she did not just say “my spit is aesthetic”😂😂 i love y’all so much. On the big island right now!

  • Ho you faka when you wen move down hea anyways welcome just no litter ah keep the aina clean ho yessuh go bay and bomb or go bridge and bomb

  • what camera/editing site do you use?

  • I love the swimsuit you’re wearing hannah

  • wait why did she spit on her goggles...

  • u should do some type of tutorial for makeup because i wanna know what brand u use for waterproof mascara and other brands

  • hiiii :) just made my first ESmain video and its a Paris vlog

  • Mere and Truckie FORRR sure

  • wait i haven’t seen her videos in a year or 2 and i’m confused. does she live in hawaii now? and who are these people? did they meet in hawaii? what do they do? i have so many questions lol

  • What happened to the last video? The one titled “are you even friends if you don’t fight” or something


  • i’ve missed so much what has gone on

  • putting handsoap in the goggle works the same hannah🤣🤣🤣


  • No one : Lexi: trying to get in a fight w a chicken

  • Truck and mere, hannah and Jack, lexi and dean

  • I love how we all are confused and still shipping them all🖐️😭

  • But girls well destroy your soul🙀

  • Jesus is King

  • Mere is that a YL shirt I see?? 👀

  • We will miss you Jack 💙

  • dean likes hannah, but hannah likes jack

  • I thot I was the only one who spit in my goggles but no

  • dean and lexi

  • mere and truckie

  • I literally got my heart broke 7 times in 5 months

  • i have never related to a video title more


  • Hannah & Nolan 👀👀👀😂😂😂😂😂 I'm jk

  • mere & truckie, lexi & Dean

  • hannahs so prettyy

  • Guys Hannah and Dean are actually dating, haven’t you seen the footages. I’m really sad and this couple

  • I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but please do not touch or step on the coral in the ocean. Our oils from our skin can kill the coral and stepping on it can hurt the coral. Also please make sure your sunscreen is nontoxic!

  • Where is that red/pink bikini from?! I want it!

  • Omfg when I saw Meg I was like WHAT the collab I didn’t know I needed!!!!!!

  • But was he hanging out with two random guys in Hawaii? ESmain celebrities are the worse.

  • hold up mere kinda looks like addison rae in that photo--- 9:57

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Not all chickens are bad, face your fear! lol

  • Dont know if it is a stupid question, but is your jewellery real silver and do you deliver to Denmark?❤️

  • i feel like i have water in my ears

  • Hannah you are the most beautiful girl! You are one of the greatest women on earth. Hey! Is there any email you can give me to contact ? I could not find yours. Love from Australia

  • Caitlynnnn

  • definitely is mere and truckie, hannah and jack, lexi and dean

  • i imagine hannah has just been also filming content of her and whoever she's dating and when they finally reveal, she's gonna upload a video with all the clips and we'll all be like OMG I KNEW IT and be able to pinpoint the different clips to her previous corresponding videos (i just know hannah is cackling at all our comments)

  • tbh i was expecting this video since she moved to huwai girl u deserve better 💛

  • Hi, Hannah Melooooche...

  • Lexi is so nice awww.

  • What’s the name of the song in 0:50 please???

  • Hannah and Dean Truckie and lexi Mere and Jack

  • not to like, add to all the stuff you have to do but i'd kill for you guys to start a podcast !!!! you're so positive and such a good influence.

  • SOMEONE FILL ME IN! 1. did hannah and her bf break up? 2. Who is jack? 3. i think thats it lol

    • @Nakita Nai who is dean? but who is that jack guy

    • Yeah they broke up. There’s a video of Hannah and Dean flirting with each’s going around TikTok

  • mere and truckie

  • K the ultimate ship is mere and dean, Hannah and jack and lex and truck period

  • What happened to her " are you even friends if you don't fight" video?

  • me: *reads the title* me: "no f*cking kidding" me: *watches the video* me: "okay, but... get to the point tho don't click bait me"

  • Do you live in hawaii or is that California bc WHAT

  • im so in love with you and your life

  • okay. mere and dean. jack and lexie. and truckie and hannah.

  • wait you guys lowkey remind me of the pogues from obx sometimes and thats a good thing :')

  • okay but like who are the new people in the vlogs we need introductions

  • I love that you and Caitlyn are friends and are hanging out

  • Where is jack from in NJ?

  • why is the title of this boys will break your heart? when did she mention anything like that

  • mere is def dating truckie

  • River ~is~ John b.

  • we want to meet ur other friends !!

  • mer and trucker istg

  • Major clickbait Hannah :(