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Hey I'm Hannah Meloche welcome to ma life :) Doing what I love! Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, and whatever I feel like! This year, I'm taking a gap year. Between high school and college I wanted to take some time to travel and learn. Tune in for my videos about my life, high school, college prep, get ready with me's, routines, swimsuit collections, everyday outfits, teen styles, thrift store shopping, staying in shape, eating right, being positive and mental wellness, lookbooks, and obviously videos with my friends and family! Documenting my life with vlogs hopefully you stick along on my crazy adventure we’re gonna figure life out together :)

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10:19we goin to europe! lets pack...
we goin to europe! lets pack...Vistas 107 milHace 2 horas
SISTER WEEKEND @ STAGECOACHVistas 217 milHace un día
13:52most epic grocery haul ever
most epic grocery haul everVistas 202 milHace 21 un día
SPA DAYS ALWAYS HIT THE SPOTVistas 157 milHace 21 un día
12:36pulling an all nighter
pulling an all nighterVistas 217 milHace un mes
9:15hot girls love stuffed animals
hot girls love stuffed animalsVistas 152 milHace un mes
8:34getting ready IS the fun in going out
getting ready IS the fun in going outVistas 261 milHace un mes
10:18Nothing like a florida beach day
Nothing like a florida beach dayVistas 399 milHace un mes
11:12my current morning routine
my current morning routineVistas 283 milHace un mes
10:53my mom visiting me for 24 hours
my mom visiting me for 24 hoursVistas 202 milHace un mes
MY DIY SPRING BREAKVistas 286 milHace un mes
10:52change is good
change is goodVistas 353 milHace un mes
MY 21ST BIRTHDAY VLOGVistas 709 milHace 2 meses
11:10shopping for my 21st birthday
shopping for my 21st birthdayVistas 340 milHace 2 meses
7:43how i got my sparkle back
how i got my sparkle backVistas 273 milHace 2 meses
10:20typical work day in my life
typical work day in my lifeVistas 257 milHace 3 meses
13:02a random day in my life
a random day in my lifeVistas 359 milHace 3 meses
11:11impulsively buying too much makeup
impulsively buying too much makeupVistas 159 milHace 3 meses
12:54my worlds colliding!
my worlds colliding!Vistas 368 milHace 3 meses
11:36organizing & cleaning my whole house
organizing & cleaning my whole houseVistas 424 milHace 3 meses
11:53goodbyes are hard
goodbyes are hardVistas 330 milHace 3 meses
10:25beach day with friends
beach day with friendsVistas 358 milHace 4 meses
6:35reuniting with my roommates
reuniting with my roommatesVistas 329 milHace 4 meses
2021Vistas 287 milHace 4 meses
10:56it's hard making friends
it's hard making friendsVistas 193 milHace 5 meses
7:32thanksgiving w/ the meloches
thanksgiving w/ the melochesVistas 214 milHace 5 meses
10:23NYC apartment (for the month)
NYC apartment (for the month)Vistas 312 milHace 6 meses
FRIENDS IN NEW YORKVistas 356 milHace 6 meses
14:42why i'm not going back to hawaii
why i'm not going back to hawaiiVistas 506 milHace 6 meses
13:00SENIOR PROM *grwm vlog*
SENIOR PROM *grwm vlog*Vistas 7 MHace 3 años
10:04my REAL school morning routine - VLOG
16:20PROM 2018: GRWM & VLOG
PROM 2018: GRWM & VLOGVistas 2,6 MHace 4 años
THE BOYFRIEND TAGVistas 2,5 MHace 3 años
15:14what senior prom is actually like
what senior prom is actually likeVistas 2,1 MHace 3 años
11:05answering your assumptions about me...
7:37help me pick out my coachella outfits
MOVING INTO MY APARTMENT (day 1)Vistas 1,8 MHace 2 años
9:41driving 5 hours to visit my boyfriend!
10:45the basic VSCO girl transformation
the basic VSCO girl transformationVistas 1,6 MHace 2 años
7:52yes... we're back together
yes... we're back togetherVistas 1,5 MHace 2 años
14:32my last week of high school EVER...
my last week of high school EVER...Vistas 1,3 MHace 2 años


  • THAT FIRST DRESS IS SO CUTE STOP the Europe vlogs omfg I’m so excited

  • Bro hannah i love you but you can t just say Europe trip😭😭 Europe it s pretty big

  • Girl where are the white cargo pants from??!!! Also you are Amazing!! 💗

  • What do you even eat for breakfast after fasting all night? Hope you’re not startving yourself

  • okay but i remember those europe vlogs from years ago

  • living the dream!!!

  • What camcord do you use!!?!

  • i hope you have the BEST time in Europe <3

  • HANNAH !! my friend saw you yesterday on her trip in Hawaii and was nervous to say hi and i'm literally so sad ur my fav youtuber :(((

  • Do you have kids or where you joking

  • You are going alone 😓

  • What happened to Airbnb in Hawaii??

  • That's so american! love it

  • did you move homes in hawaii?!:)

  • I loved this video but the links weren’t linked to some of the stuff they were the wrong links

  • Hey Hannah! What camera are you filming on? Xx

  • 0:01 very proportionate. good genetics from face to toe...

  • Hey hannah! I just wanted to let you know that watching ur videos is so refreshing after a long day of school. Im 13 and I’ve always DREAMED of going to Europe (paris to be exact lol), and seeing you do those things makes me so happy! I hope u have a great time and ily ❤️ ps im going to puerto rico in a week lol and also im also running on 4 1/2 hours of sleep bc my schedule’s so frikkin messed up

  • 🤍🤍🤍

  • I'd love to show you around Venice and show you non touristic local places I knowwww I've been following you for yearss

  • Hannah where is the cross necklace from in the first clip plz!!

  • spanish grand prix this weekend in barcelona as well

  • Enjoy it<3 so happy for u :) love from Switzerland🌞

  • Hey Han! Comming to Slovenia also? 😍 Have a nice trip. 🌞

  • I know I'm not as smart, as I should be because I never had anyone there for me who would help me and show me how, but I love you and I want you to be there for me and show me how. Can you show me how?

  • "So do you remember when I asked you first for marriage, when you thought that you would be together with Jacob forever?"

  • Why is everything so expensive??

  • I’m in Greece rn, heading to Italy today. These clothes are so damn cute 🥺🥺

    • hey! could u share how it is living in italy? how are the people? job situations? the thing is i wanna move to italy,but i need some information. so i will be more than happy if u could share your experience there or the main things which caught your eye!! literally anyone who's reading this! u can share your stories!

  • which annas house is she staying at?

  • Your life too perfect it makes me sad I’m so jealous I gotta unsubscribe