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Hey I'm Hannah Meloche welcome to ma life :) Doing what I love! Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, and whatever I feel like! This year, I'm taking a gap year. Between high school and college I wanted to take some time to travel and learn. Tune in for my videos about my life, high school, college prep, get ready with me's, routines, swimsuit collections, everyday outfits, teen styles, thrift store shopping, staying in shape, eating right, being positive and mental wellness, lookbooks, and obviously videos with my friends and family! Documenting my life with vlogs hopefully you stick along on my crazy adventure we’re gonna figure life out together :)

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7:32thanksgiving w/ the meloches
thanksgiving w/ the melochesVistas 159 milHace un día
10:23NYC apartment (for the month)
NYC apartment (for the month)Vistas 282 milHace 14 días
FRIENDS IN NEW YORKVistas 296 milHace 14 días
14:42why i'm not going back to hawaii
why i'm not going back to hawaiiVistas 467 milHace 21 un día
14:26trying to get rid of my acne scars
trying to get rid of my acne scarsVistas 287 milHace un mes
15:27a "pretending i have my life together" vlog
12:46waking up at 5am for this
waking up at 5am for thisVistas 218 milHace un mes
17:09just 2 best friends answering your questions
14:54hello again hawaii
hello again hawaiiVistas 405 milHace 2 meses
7:37my first time back in LA....
my first time back in LA....Vistas 207 milHace 2 meses
13:56NYC during fashion week
NYC during fashion weekVistas 263 milHace 2 meses
10:12everyone in my family.... grew up?
everyone in my family.... grew up?Vistas 330 milHace 2 meses
20:28the vlog of the summer
the vlog of the summerVistas 439 milHace 3 meses
17:08NYC IN 24 HOURS
NYC IN 24 HOURSVistas 352 milHace 3 meses
GIRLS TRIP VLOG (HAMPTONS EDITION)Vistas 423 milHace 3 meses
9:08vlogging my morning for you
vlogging my morning for youVistas 277 milHace 4 meses
11:53moving in with my boyfriend
moving in with my boyfriendVistas 640 milHace 4 meses